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Okay, I’m writing this post not to say that  I’m giving up on raura but its because ever since I saw a confession on my wall saying that she/he prefers Laura to go out with either James Mccvey or Bradley Simpson, I couldn’t agree more with that person. This is why! how long has Ross known Laura ? ever since they were fetuses right? In every interview, when Ross is asked to describe laura. He would say “dorky”, basically “adorkable” or even said “she’s smart and energetic” I mean, That’s good description of her too but I’ve always been waiting for him to describe her as “beautiful” which brings me back to the confession I saw about the ships of Braura and Jaura. The vamps barely met Laura at the RDMA’s and asked her to be in their music video which I adore them so much for doing that. In their interview, they described Laura Marano as “Beautiful” “Lovely” “pretty” “effortlessly” “funny” “bubbly” all the things a girl would like to hear from a guy. Honestly if Raura does not happen, I wouldn’t be sad about it as if my world has ended because Ross could date whoever he wants and besides I feel like Laura deserves a guy who would not be afraid to describe her as an effortlessly beautiful girl because that’s what she needs to hear since its true. Even Calum described Laura as beautiful (: & I’d love if R5 would ask Laura to be in atleast one of their music videos since basically all the girls ross was set up with like in pass me by and the recent one all looked like Laura. If its because of publicity then thats just plain stupid. Okay I’m done. thanks for reading if you actually did. 

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OMG RAURA SELFIE! ♥♥♥ I love who ever has that pic, ur my idol.

its officially my new icon ♥♥♥

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AU ~ R5 makes fun of Ross when he comes back from Laura’s dressing room

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Raura at the RDMA’s 

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He said 

He can’t live without me ;)

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